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Your business needs you to accurately process large numbers of transactions, while uniquely tailoring your interactions with each and every customer. We help you scale your business with confidence, and let you optimize it on every customer touchpoint.

Wallaroo Labs works with payments firms and eCommerce clients to quickly launch industrial-grade fraud, order processing, monitoring & cybersecurity, personalization, promotion, and digital marketing applications. 
Our computing technology is designed to efficiently handle the needs of high-frequency trading: millions of price updates a second, and the need for accurate and resilient trading and risk management in real-time. Wallaroo is up to 100X faster, using as little as 10% of the infrastructure of alternative open-source tools.
Check out a few use cases below then contact us to discuss how Wallaroo can help you do more with your data, faster and at a lower cost.


Digital payments companies need to be able to perform real-time fraud, financial abuse, and cybersecurity threat detection to mitigate their business risk. Wallaroo provides a unique solution to this problem. Implementing machine learning risk models in real-time withing Wallaroo enables the processing of massive amounts of messages within milliseconds.  Appropriate feedback is fed to other systems or agents to take appropriate action. Wallaroo’s ability to run on-prem or in any cloud along with flexible source and sink connectors make it simple to make use of Wallaroo within any infrastructure environment.


The growing amount of data necessary for intelligent, real-time interactions with customers is presenting challenges for effective engagement. These are the challenges that Wallaroo was designed for.  Our streaming computing technology is built to efficiently process vast quantities of real-time data, quickly personalize user experiences, and prepare that data for subsequent machine learning processes.


In one personalization example, a client wants to push relevant sales and promotions to customers. This requires linking various data sources to create an in-memory view of each customer's current state, continuous scanning of incoming messages and event data, and application of rules or AI models in real-time to trigger promotions. Wallaroo can do all of this while giving you significant cost and performance benefits vs. alternatives.

Profile Updates 

A necessary ingredient to personalizing offers and targeting a consumer is to keep an up-to-date profile of each one. This involves updating historical profiles with new data from recent sales, website or app interactions, marketing data, and 2nd or third party data. Typically these updates are done at most once a day in a batch process, sometimes involving dozens or even hundreds of servers. However, new data is generated or arrives continuously throughout the day, and there is significant value being able to use new information about a consumer ASAP to deliver a better experience for the customer and also driving profitability for your business. With Wallaroo, we can help you implement such updates in real-time while reducing the server footprint, so that you can use the updated profile immediately to personalize the very next interaction with a consumer.      

How can Wallaroo Labs help you build your next digital payments solution?

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