Marketing Attribution

Optimizing ads based on omni-channel customer behaviour can increase conversions by up to 30%.

But combining and analyzing the data in near-real time requires esoteric skills and signifiant infrastructure.

We can help.


Marketing attribution means quantifying the impact of each customer touchpoint on conversions. Multi-channel attribution looks across email campaigns, display advertising, search, desktop, mobile and more.

This approach illustrates which channels, marketing strategies, and customer segments are delivering results, and which are less effective. Frequently updated attribution data - during a campaign’s run - support quick responses to maximize the value of every dollar spent.


Studies demonstrate ROI increases of up to 30%, a significant benefit for campaigns that may cost millions to run.
There are multiple sources of data including ad impressions and clicks, website visits, purchases/conversions, email opens, customer demographics and historical transactions, etc.

These data sources must be joined and correlated as quickly as possible to correctly assign attribution at the customer-level. 


There are three main challenges to overcome:

  1. Combining and linking the different sources of data. This is compounded not only by the variety of data, but by the fact that it may not be straightforward to relate the data at the customer level as customer IDs may vary across sources. 

  2. Volume of data. Data volumes for a single brand can range from millions to billions of events generated across all the channels, driving data engineering complexity and/or expensive infrastructure.

  3. Fast, actionable insights. The process of assigning attribution needs to be fast so insights can be acted-upon as soon as possible. In fact, ⅔ of marketers do not even have attribution analytics updated on a daily basis.

How Wallaroo Helps

Accessing and linking various sources of data are the top inhibitors to realizing better ROI metrics. These are exactly the kinds of hard data challenges that we love to solve.
We support agencies and ad-tech vendors analyzing over 100 terabytes of data. Our team has more than a century of combined data engineering experience building some of the largest scale and most complex distributed systems in the online advertising world.


This translates into fast time-to-production without having to build an in-house data engineering team.

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