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Wallaroo Managed Services

The benefits of SaaS without the constraints.

Launch proprietary data algorithms at speed and scale in your own environment with little or no capital outlay, and with a low monthly subscription.

Your algorithms and data ecosystem. Our ops team.

SaaS is great, but it's not for everyone. Especially if you have huge volumes of data, proprietary data, need fast real-time response, or have custom data algorithms you want to deploy.


With our Managed Services, we build and operate a service inside your own environment to run your analytics, real-time decisioning, and AI algorithms on your data - at immense speed and scale.


That means you can get back to working on the next great idea for your business.

How it Works





We work with your team to determine functional, scale, and speed requirements. We deploy an initial prototype for little or no cost (depending on complexity) to demonstrate viability.

Once you decide to go-live we harden the prototype to meet requirements and work with you to ready it for production.

We establish the application infrastructure & environment, hosted in the cloud of your choice (or on-premise) in support of the scale, resiliency, and performance needed.


We maintain ongoing support and maintenance of the environment, and actively monitor it to meet our agreed upon metrics.

Talk to us to learn about how we can help you launch in as little as 33% of the time at 33% of the cost.