Managed Ops.

Launch 3X Faster.

Your algorithms and data ecosystem.
Our ops team and technology.


You have huge volumes of data, sensitive data, need low latency response, or have proprietary data algorithms you want to deploy.

You want the benefits of SaaS without the constraints.

We deploy and operate the Wallaroo Platform as a resilient service
inside your secure environment, integrated with your data and messaging systems.


You use our APIs and ops team to quickly get your data algorithms live at scale,
with minimal upfront investment and low monthly subscription.


Avoid the headache and cost of shipping your algorithms and data elsewhere
and gain the ability to iterate frequently to improve business results.


Then get back to working on the next bold idea for your business.

How it Works


Our team works with your team to get the Wallaroo platform
deployed to meet your SLAs for performance and cost.


Scope. We work with your team to determine functional, scale, latency, and budgetary requirements.


Prototype. We quickly demonstrate an initial prototype to show viability and validate your ROI.


Deploy. Once you decide to go live we harden the prototype to meet production standards and work with you to take it live in the cloud of your choice (or on-premise) with the scale, resiliency, and performance needed.


Live. We maintain ongoing support and maintenance of the environment, and actively monitor it to meet our agreed upon SLAs. We work with you on production updates.

Once Wallaroo is live inside your environment, we provide operational support.

No complex engineering or ops whether it’s the initial launch
or a subsequent deployment of a new or updated algorithm.

Talk to us about how we can help you launch

in a few weeks with minimal cost.

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