IoT Solutions

Vast networks of instrumented, Internet-connected devices  produce troves of data that create opportunities - and challenges - to identify critical patterns in real-time.

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Sample IoT Use Case

Fleet Tracking


More and more devices are enabled with sensors that generate new and copious amounts of data that open the door for new insights and business opportunities. 


One area that is seeing early adoption on this front is vehicle fleet management. Real-time analysis of these interconnected devices is critical for operational excellence and driving new revenue opportunities for certain companies.


The three main technical problems to overcome are as follows:

  1. Real-time understanding. Know the precise location of all vehicles in a fleet at a given time to create an accurate representation of the state of the system.

  2. Rapid state changes. Update information quickly when the state of a vehicle changes, integrating with other systems and triggering appropriate next actions.

  3. Resource efficiency. Flexibly scale compute resources as vehicles are added to the fleet or additional analytic capabilities are added to the system.

How Wallaroo Helps

Wallaroo provides natural solutions to each of these challenges.

Wallaroo has resilient in-memory state and will allow you to store any object that you can define, making it a perfect solution for an application that requires knowing the state of the world in real-time. 


The low processing overhead that Wallaroo gives you makes it possible to do very quick (millisecond) updates to the objects that you are tracking, creating a system that gives you access real-time information.


Finally, Wallaroo's cloud flexibility and ability to scale without changing code makes it easy to adapt your application to new challenges.

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