High Volume Data Solutions

Wallaroo is designed to efficiently analyze and act on large amounts of data, whether it’s millions of events a second that need continuous aggregations, trend analysis, real-time optimization, or sub-millisecond anomaly detection.    
Applications include:

  • RTB bid optimization & prebid decisioning 

  • Header bidding deduplication

  • Trade surveillance & position keeping

  • IoT and industrial manufacturing

  • Cybersecurity

  • Real-time e-commerce personalization

  • Monitoring

  • Location data analytics and targeting

Merging and analyzing data continuously at large scale is a complex undertaking, involving significant data engineering and infrastructure investment. We help you greatly simplify the deployment and operation of such applications - speeding up time-to-market and reducing costs. This lets you focus on innovating your business. 

  • Real-time bidding can increase revenue for publishers and give consumers a better experience.

    But joining, aggregating and analyzing the vast quantities of data is a massive undertaking and can be very costly.

  • Algorithmic trading requires constant training, testing and deployment of machine models.

    The "backtesting" necessary for optimal performance creates challenges with speed, cost and scalability.  

  • Internet-connected devices 

    produce troves of data across large coordinated networks. They have the potential to unlock exciting new business opportunities with the right resilient technologies capable of real-time processing speeds.

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