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Quantitative trading strategies rely upon continuous and predictive analytics of massive amounts of real-time trading data. Wallaroo Labs was born out of the needs of this sector: the ability to handle scale & microsecond speeds while maximizing profits.

Wallaroo Labs works with financial trading clients to improve performance or build new applications for sophisticated trading strategies. 


Our computing technology is designed to efficiently handle the needs of high-frequency trading: millions of price updates a second, and the need for accurate and resilient trading and risk management in real-time. Wallaroo is up to 100X faster, using as little as 10% of the infrastructure of alternative open-source tools.


Check out a few use cases below then contact us to discuss how Wallaroo can help you do more with your data, faster and at a lower cost.

Trade Surveillance 

A top global bank wanted to build a real-time trade surveillance application to monitor several hundred thousand electronic trades a second and determine in under 2 milliseconds if there was something abnormal that needed to be corrected or they needed to halt trading. Our technology was built from the ground-up for these high-volume, low-latency needs. Wallaroo demonstrated 100 microsecond latencies on 8 24CPU servers, greatly outperforming the bank’s SLAs. In fact, performance with bare metal (on-prem) was even better.

ML Backesting

Real-time predictive applications like algorithmic trading require continuous and agile training, testing, and deployment of automated machine models. The system has to support multiple data scientists testing ideas simultaneously and it needs to run cost-effectively. Wallaroo allows for on-demand deployment at the necessary scale. So for example, depending on the size of the data, the number of trading models to be tested, and the required time-to-completion, the appropriate size cluster can be created on the fly and the processing can be done on-demand. This can happen on a per-quant basis in the cloud so there is no constraint on capacity.  In addition, this is a cost effective solution since you can spin up only what you need when you need it.

Trade Position Keeping and Trading Limits

Large financial trading operations such as at top banks, need to understand in real-time what there exposure is to the trading activities of their clients and internal trading businesses. This means ingesting real-time market data and trades and continuously updating positions by trader, trading desk, client, and so on. Such a service needs to be able to ingest, analyze and hold a lot of in-memory state with resiliency. Wallaroo technology has all of the capabilities necessary to manage this massive data challenge including real-time analysis, the ability to handle multiple, diverse data sources, and accurate processing. Wallaroo’s microsecond response times allows financial clients to place limits on trading activity based on their exposure that are enforced with extreme low latency.

How can Wallaroo Labs help you build competitive edge?

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