Disparate Data Solutions

Studies estimate 60-73% of enterprise data goes unused. The reason? Connecting big data from multiple sources to extract value is hard work. Let Wallaroo unify your data to drive continuous, intelligent business outcomes.   

Applications include:

  • Multi-channel attribution 

  • Custom CDP & Personalization

  • Identity Management

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Digital production automation

  • KYC and ongoing AML risk assessment 

Bring your data and business logic, Wallaroo will handle the challenges with scale & cost that come with it.

Optimizing ads based on customer behaviour can increase purchases by up to 30%.

But combining and analyzing the data generated by omni-channel interactions, in near-real time, can be extremely challenging.


Assessing and quantifying risk gets more challenging every year. As digital footprints and unique data sources multiply, the best solutions can manage complexity while remaining agile.

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