What is Wallaroo?

Wallaroo is a modern extensible framework that makes it easy to get stateful stream processing and event-driven applications to production fast, regardless of scale.

Wallaroo is the only framework purpose-built for use cases that require state management, complex workflows, bursty capacity demands, or the need to run anywhere – on-prem, at the edge, or on any cloud.

Our lightweight API currently supports Python and Golang. As you can see in the above example of our application builder, Wallaroo makes it simple to define all of the sources, sinks, and computations necessary for you to implement your event-driven application. Wallaroo takes care of all the infrastructure plumbing required to run a distributed application. Scaling, resilience, state management, and message delivery and all handled by Wallaroo which makes it easy to scale applications with no code changes and allows programmers to focus on business logic.

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Wallaroo Deep Dive

Watch our video demo below to see it in action.

Need more details? Below is a short video created by our engineering team that has helped people understand what Wallaroo does. This video will give you:

  • An overview of the problem we are solving with our scale-independent API
  • A short intro to the Python API
  • A demonstration of our autoscale functionality
  • An idea of the power of scale-independent APIs in action

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