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By 2020, there will be 200 million connected cars on the road, each generating up to one terabyte of data every day - and it’s just getting started. We’ve built technology to help scale your business as this data multiplies.

Wallaroo Labs works with Internet of Vehicles companies to build out-of-the-box solutions that enable new applications - from safety to fleet management to driver experience.

Our computing technology is designed to efficiently handle the needs of internet of vehicles: inspect vast quantities of real-time data, quickly isolate and act on the highest value data (e.g. - anomalous events), and save that data for machine learning.


Check out a few use cases below then contact us to discuss how Wallaroo can help you do more with all your data, faster and at a lower cost.

Real-time Collision Analytics

When a collision occurs, different parties, from vehicle manufacturers to insurance companies, are interested in performing an audit of the situation. They are looking to recover and analyze the data leading up to and directly after an anomalous event. Wallaroo provides a unique solution to this problem by scanning real-time data and recording and performing more in-depth analysis when an anomalous event occurs. Clients can define data collection windows and retention policies to suit their needs.

Fleet Management

Enterprises with fleets of vehicles to manage, from UPS to Uber, need to have a real-time understanding of their vehicle’s location, and other data points such as fuel tracking, usage analytics, speed, leasing, driver management, workloads, and even traffic updates. Wallaroo Labs’ technology can consume the various data streams and create a real-time “state of the world” that gives our clients the information needed to power downstream systems, including logistic processes and dashboards.

Real-Time Monitoring

Systems that monitor the data streams coming off
of connected cars will soon be commonplace. Companies are looking to build applications that monitor this data and alert end-users in real time when events are triggered. Some examples of this include getting an alert if your teenager goes over the speed limit or scheduling regular maintenance yearly or at 25,000 miles. Wallaroo Labs enables these applications through efficient real-time processing of massive data streams and taking actions such as raising alerts.

Edge Computing

Given the enormity of data generated by a connected car, the latency of car-to-cloud communications, and the advent of vehicle-to-vehicle data exchange, the car itself needs to manage, analyze, and act on large amounts of data. Furthermore, many services will be a combination of edge computing (in the car) and cloud computing, so an overall data architecture that optimizes each part as well as minimizing the exchange of data and network latencies will be critical. Wallaroo provides a common approach for building efficient real-time analytics and AI services that run at the edge and in the cloud, and for building smart data ingestion and emission pipelines.

How can Wallaroo Labs help you build your next IoV Solution?

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