Understand your business and act on it immediately. 


Ultrafast analytics at any scale.

You've developed an analytics algorithm to compute operational metrics
in order to optimize your business in real-time.

Now what?

We deploy a scalable, resilient, and ultrafast analytics engine in your environment.

Once deployed, our APIs and ops team let you upload and launch advanced analytics
algorithms to crunch data at immense speed and scale.


That means you iterate faster and get working on the next bold idea sooner, not later.


How does it work?

  1. Develop your algorithm using your usual tools or use our toolkit for common functions such as time-windows and aggregations.

  2. Deploy the model using our simple API into a Wallaroo cluster (as well as an API to transfer test data to staging) or have our ops team do it for you.

  3. Observe results, compare to benchmarks, and discover opportunities to improve using our out-of-the-box monitoring and audit features.

  4. Iterate as needed by modifying and redeploying, speeding innovation.

➔ Geofencing

➔ Network telemetry

➔ Traffic monitoring

➔ Factory production monitoring

➔ Hazard monitoring in offices

➔ Dynamic pricing

➔ Product trends

➔ Ad supply path optimization

➔ Consumer viewing behavior

➔ A/B testing

➔ Trading risk and limits

➔ Trade Position keeping

➔ Margin monitoring

➔ Card and payments analytics

➔ Processing systems monitoring

Analytics examples in IoT, Cyber, Retail,
Advertising, Transportation, Trading, and more.

Millions of events a second that need monitoring?
Advanced analytics that depend on recent events?
Need to fuse different streams of data together to perform your analysis?

We’ll get you live much faster with far less cost than any alternative

no matter what your use case is.

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