Digital Marketing

Insights gleaned from the data exhaust from modern advertising systems can create significant advantages for advertisers, agencies and ad-tech providers.


Opportunities include:

  • Multi-channel attribution

  • Multi-channel identity (linkage of different data sources)

  • Header bidding deduplication

  • Fraud detection

  • High performance event-time windowing

But merging and analyzing data in near-real time at significant scale can be a massive undertaking. 

Wallaroo Labs speeds time-to-market and reduces operational costs, accelerating insights that can transform your business. 


Optimizing ads based on customer behaviour can increase purchases by up to 30%.

But combining and analyzing the data generated by omni-channel interactions, in near-real time, can be extremely challenging.


Real-time bidding can increase revenue for publishers and give consumers a better experience.

But joining, aggregating and analyzing the vast quantities of data is a massive undertaking and can be very costly.

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