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SSPs and DSPs have become inundated with data. Infrastructure costs, latency requirements, challenges with scale, duplication, and fraud are all eating into profit margins. We can help you overcome that.

Wallaroo Labs works with programmatic clients to solve their biggest pain points and unlock growth. Our distributed computing technology is the only one designed to handle the needs of your business: millions of requests a second, petabytes of data a month, and millisecond latencies. By speeding up algorithms while reducing server costs we enable new functionality, drive profitability, and give you the freedom to innovate.


Check out a few use cases below then contact us to discuss how Wallaroo can help you do more with your data, faster and at a lower cost.

Supply Path Optimization

A DSP anticipated a 5x growth in inventory in the coming months, and they were concerned with the rising costs. Additionally, they wanted to improve sub-optimal supply path optimization latencies to increase bidding yield. Wallaroo Labs built an improved SPO module using our distributed computing technology so the client could run fraud detection, deduplication, and a monetization analysis 50% faster while lowering their server costs by over 60%. 

Real-Time Bidding


A technically sophisticated SSP client needed to implement new algorithms to monetize their inventory better and intelligently throttling traffic from poor performing DSPs. This required analyzing trillions of data point a day. Wallaroo Labs was able to step in and build an application that created real-time aggregations of all the data for downstream analysis, feeding insights back into their auction process continiously throughout the day and helping identify where to throttle traffic that was highly unlikely to monetize. What's more it took only 20% of anticipated infrastructure.

Campaign Analytics

A large SSP was spending over $1MM per year on infrastructure to analyze impression, view, and click data, processing 4 terabytes of data per hour at peak. The client realized this was not going to be sustainable with expected growth but was adamant they could not sacrifice product functionality. We deployed our core distributed computing engine to reduce costs by over 66%. Wallaroo’s in-memory state and windowing capabilities allowed for faster and more frequent analytics which also made the analytics significantly more valuable.

How can Wallaroo Labs

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