Deploy AI and Analytics Faster, Simpler, and at Far Lower Cost


85% of Machine Learning and Analytics projects never get online. Even then, it can take months to get a single model deployed into production.  


We want to change that!

You’ve developed a data algorithm that could deliver immense business value.

Now what?

  • Can take weeks/months to deploy into production

  • Cost of re-engineering models/algorithms is too high

  • It's too expensive to scale production environments

  • Difficult to iterate, audit, validate, and/or improve


Introducing Wallaroo.

Your data. Your algorithm. Your ecosystem.

We take care of the rest.

Wallaroo is a rocket booster for your ML and Analytics deployments with far lower investment and time-to-market vs. Apache Spark or DIY solutions and with greater flexibility.


Deploy ML Models In Seconds

Go from Python in a notebook directly into production within seconds vs. weeks/months

Analyze Data Up To 100X Faster

Get the performance of compiled C  without complex re-engineering or ops

Reduce Compute Costs By 80%

Process up to 2.6M events a second on a single 16 CPU server, or run multiple models at once

Once deployed, Wallaroo ingests your data and applies

your uploaded ML/AI models to compute your results.

That means you focus on what you know best.

go live in record time, iterate quickly, and scale as needed.

No complex engineering or operational headaches.

Use Cases for Wallaroo

ML, AI, Real-Time Analytics,

Use ML, AI, and Real-Time Analytics to target desired business outcomes.


Rapidly deploy and improve data science models to detect behaviors such as fraud.


Ingest and join many data sources together for repositories or further analysis.

Turn your data into business results, faster than ever


Ad Tech


Logistics & Transportation




Financial Services


“Wallaroo is a game-changer for getting your data-driven initiatives into production at scale.”

Alexis Lê-Quôc, CTO, Datadog

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