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Wallaroo Labs accelerates businesses that run on trillions of daily events.

We build real-time computing infrastructure that lets you do far more with your data, faster, and at very low cost. 

Analyze up to 100X faster

with as little as 20% of the servers.


Wallaroo is our highly efficient distributed computing engine that’s ideal for very large-scale analytics, real-time decisioning, and data linkage applications. Wallaroo runs in your environment and integrates with your data ecosystem, making it easy for you to deliver on innovation and profitability.  


“Wallaroo solves for scale and infrastructure so you can focus on your core value.” 

Luke Kanies, Founder, Puppet Labs

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Learn how Wallaroo Labs is helping companies launch faster and save on deployment and infrastructure

Built for the new data economy. 


Born out of Wall Street innovation, our technology applies to any vertical where data is exploding - adTech, automotive, manufacturing, financial trading, cybersecurity, telecom, and more.


Wallaroo Labs works with both the buy-side and the sell-side to deploy efficient technology that speeds up real-time analytics, optimizes supply and demand and can handle massive scale while improving profit margins.


Wallaroo Labs works with Internet of Vehicles companies to enable new applications. From edge computing in the car to fleet management in the cloud, Wallaroo Labs will help you manage exponential data growth.


Our technology is designed to efficiently handle the needs of high-frequency trading.  Wallaroo is up to 100X faster, using as little as 10% of the infrastructure of alternative solutions.