Transform real-time data

into business results,

faster than ever.

Get your boldest algorithms live

easily, efficiently, and at scale.


We deploy real-time computing infrastructure

so you don’t have to.

You’ve developed a data algorithm that could deliver immense business value.

Now what?


We help you validate your ROI with minimal investment

and without any complex data engineering or ops.


Launch up to 3X faster.


Process events up to 100X faster.

Use up to 80% fewer servers.

Battle-tested to trillions of daily events.

Our solutions deliver better business results and faster innovation with lower risk.


Your data. Your algorithm.Your ecosystem.

We take care of the rest.

The Wallaroo Platform combines a powerful stream processing engine
with observability, data connectors, and ops to provide unmatched performance and simplicity.


Deployed as a resilient service inside your secure environment.

Provides detailed real-time monitoring and audit.

We integrate with your data, messaging, monitoring, and data science ecosystem.

Runs in any cloud, on-premise, or at the edge.

Supports high-performance, stateful analytics, AI, and data fusion algorithms.

Once deployed, Wallaroo ingests your data and applies

your uploaded algorithms to compute your results.

That means you focus on what you know best,

go live in record time, iterate quickly, and scale as needed.

No complex engineering or operational headaches,

Any real-time analytics, AI,

and data fusion application.

Use operational metrics to target a desired outcome, such as a better price.


Rapidly deploy and improve data science models to detect behaviors such as fraud.


Ingest and join many data sources together for repositories or further analysis.

Turn every real-time data event into a better business result.


Ad Tech


Logistics & Transportation




Financial Services


“Wallaroo is a game-changer for getting your data-driven initiatives into production at scale.”

Alexis Lê-Quôc, CTO, Datadog

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