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Wallaroo Introduction

What is Wallaroo?

Wallaroo is a framework for writing event-by-event distributed data processing applications. We’ve designed it to handle demanding high-throughput, low-latency tasks where the accuracy of results is key. If you are familiar with the “big data” landscape, Wallaroo falls into the “streaming data” category along with tools like Storm, Heron, and Samza.

When we set out to build Wallaroo, we had a few goals in mind. We wanted to improve the state of the art for streaming data processing by providing better per-worker throughput, dramatically lower latencies, easier state management, and an easier operational experience.

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About Us

Wallaroo makes the infrastructure virtually disappear so you get rapid deployment, very low operating cost, and elastic capacity with zero downtime for your applications in big data, stream processing, machine learning, and microservices.

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