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Talks, Articles, and More

Wallaroo was built standing on the shoulders of giants! Below are just a few of the talks, articles, and papers from which we drew inspiration.

What we talk about when we talk about distributed systems by Alvaro Videla

Excellent introduction to distributed systems and the terminology we use. Will help with understanding the remainder of the links.

Life Beyond Distributed Transactions: An apostate's opinion by Pat Helland

Discusses how to build a database (or data handling system) that scale "infinitely". We read this paper after we already had the core of Wallaroo in place. His concepts of "scale-agnostic", "scale-aware", and "entities" map very nicely onto Wallaroo.

Silence is Golden: Coordination-Avoiding Systems Design by Peter Bailis

Excellent primer on why we must avoid coordination if we want our systems to be scalable and have high-performance.

When "Worst" is Best by Peter Bailis

How designing for worst-case behavior such as load spikes can paradoxically lead to better best-case performance.

Testing Distributed Systems w/ Deterministic Simulation by Wil Wilson

How FoundationDB used deterministic simulation to build their product. Tons of Great testing ideas.

Lineage-driven Fault Injection by Peter Alvaro

This paper has a huge impact on how we go about doing black box testing of Wallaroo using fault injection. Must read for folks interested in testing distributed systems.

Outwards from the Middle of the Maze by Peter Alvaro

Great talk that covers the ideas from "Lineage-driven Fault Injection" and puts them into perspective.

How NOT to Measure Latency by Gile Tene

Benchmarking is hard. Latency doubly so. We learned a ton from Gile. You can too. If ever want to measure latency, watch this talk.

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