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Getting Help

If you run into trouble while you are learning Wallaroo, you have a couple of different options on how you can get help from the Wallaroo community.

If you are looking for an answer “right now”, we suggest you give our IRC channel a try. It’s #wallaroo on Freenode. If you ask a question, be sure to hang around until you get an answer. If you don’t get one, or IRC isn’t your thing, we have a friendly mailing list you can try. Every question is a valid question and we are always happy to help.


Think you’ve found a bug? It’s entirely possible. Wallaroo is a young platform that is still changing at a rapid pace and bugs do happen. Your best bet. Write to the mailing list with your issue and verify that you are experiencing an issue. After a more knowledgeable member of the community confirms you are experiencing a bug, please open an issue.

Open an issue 

The Wallaroo community while small is constructive and inviting. We think you’ll find interacting with us to be an enjoyable experience.

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About Us

Wallaroo makes the infrastructure virtually disappear so you get rapid deployment, very low operating cost, and elastic capacity with zero downtime for your applications in big data, stream processing, machine learning, and microservices.

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