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Founded in 2015, Wallaroo Labs has built a unique product only possible because of our team: the best people from the distributed computing, open-source development, and low latency trading communities.

Vid Jain | Wallaroo Labs

Vid Jain

Chuck Blake | Wallaroo Labs

Chuck Blake

SVP Operations
Sean T. Allen | Wallaroo Labs

Sean T. Allen

VP Engineering
Jonathan Brown | Wallaroo Labs

Jonathan Brown

Software Engineer
Scott Fritchie | Wallaroo Labs

Scott Fritchie

Senior Software Engineer
Nisan Haramati | Wallaroo Labs

Nisan Haramati

Chaos Engineer
Dipin Hora | Wallaroo Labs

Dipin Hora

Software Engineer
Brian Mitchell | Wallaroo Labs

Brian Mitchell

Software Engineer
John Mumm | Wallaroo Labs

John Mumm

Lead Software Engineer
Andy Turley | Wallaroo Labs

Andy Turley

Lead Software Engineer


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Michi Botlo

Quantbot Managing Director

Owen Davis


Pat Finn

Ex. SVP Cisco, Financial Services & Govt.

John Gannon

Cloud Platform at DigitalOcean

Helen Johnson

Senior Technology Executive, AIG

Luke Kanies

Founder, Puppet Labs

Francesca Krihely

Senior Manager, Developer Marketing, MongoDB

Alexis Le-Quoc

CTO Datadog

Dan Petrozzo

Ex. CTO Investment Mgmt, GS

Jean Safar

CTO Stealth Startup - Financial Services


Helen Johnson, Senior Technology Executive at AIG, Joins Wallaroo Labs' Advisory Board

Press Release / May 15, 2018

Wallaroo Labs is pleased to announce that Helen Johnson has joined our Advisory Board.

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Senior Manager of Developer Marketing at MongoDB, Francesca Krihely, Joins Wallaroo Labs' Advisory Board

Press Release / March 27, 2018

Wallaroo Labs is pleased to announce that Francesca Krihely has joined Wallaroo Labs as an Advisor.

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Wallaroo Labs Promises Easily-Scalable Big Data Processing Infrastructure

Susan Hall/The New Stack / March 13, 2018

Wallaroo Labs wants to make Big Data processing easier. Like Pepperdata, it wants to eliminate the gulf between the traditional IT stack and Big Data technology.

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Wallaroo Labs Announces Open-Source Version of Wallaroo

Press Release / October 4, 2017

Wallaroo Labs (formerly Sendence) today announced the open-source version of Wallaroo, a highly elastic data processing engine for building and operating big data, fast data, and machine learning applications.

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Sendence closes $1.5m seed round to simplify deployment of real-time applications

Ron Miller /TechCrunch / July 11, 2017

Sendence, a new startup based in New York City, announced a $1.5 million seed round today. The company is working on a platform for simplifying deployment of real-time applications.

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Don’t have time (or money) to hire a sales team? Here’s how open source can help.

Michael V. Copeland /AWS Startups Blog / January 4, 2018

If you are the founder or CEO of a startup (or trying your hardest to be), you may recognize Vid Jain’s life.

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Wallaroo makes the infrastructure virtually disappear so you get rapid deployment, very low operating cost, and elastic capacity with zero downtime for your applications in big data, stream processing, machine learning, and microservices.

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