Focus on your algorithms, not your infrastructure

Wallaroo is a framework for building and operating fast data, big data, and machine learning applications that deploy rapidly, scale automatically and operate at very low-cost.


Wallaroo was designed for stateful, distributed applications that need to run either at large scale or very fast. Our native Python version for streaming data is now open-source. Golang and “batch” are coming this year, with Javascript early next year.

Breakthrough Speed of Deployment

Go from laptop to live application at any scale with no code change while staying focused on the analytics.

  • Takes days, not months, to deploy
  • No Java, no JVM, anywhere, unlike Apache Storm or Spark
  • Plug in your data and algorithms via a simple API
  • On Premise or any cloud
Anywhere export

Breakthrough Scale and Low-Cost

With Wallaroo your capacity automatically adapts without disrupting live applications and your processing infrastructure is industrial-grade.

Anyscale export

  • Instantly grow and shrink capacity with no down-time
  • Reduced infrastructure, support, and human intervention
  • 1/3rd of the cost of existing approaches

Breakthrough Simplicity for Python

Wallaroo eliminates unneeded Java processes & expensive data transfers, so it is far easier to build, run & scale apps.

Spark wally export

Engineered for the next 5 years

And the next 5 after that.

Whywallaroo export
We built and operated a lot of data applications and found existing frameworks didn’t solve the hard problems of deploying and scaling on a distributed infrastructure. And that’s before data volumes explode and speeds increase 10X. We wished we had Wallaroo, and now it's available for everyone.

Wallaroo vs. Alternatives

Wallaroo was engineered for ever increasing and faster data, expanding use of Python, GoLang, and other languages. It can be used at any scale at a low cost.

  Wallaroo Spark, Storm Our Advantage
Extreme Speed * Microseconds vs. Milliseconds or Seconds
Native Python No fuss, no Java, no JVM
Live Autoscaling with State Management No downtime, lower cost
Exactly-once stream processing Accuracy of data and results
C++ , GoLang ** No fuss, no Java, no JVM
Actor-based Engine Much wider variety of applications
* Wallaroo for Python up to 4X faster than pure Python - Microsecond speeds for GoLang, C++
** GA Q4

Take your business to the next level

From microsecond response to long-running analysis, applications include monitoring, analytics, model training, predictive analytics, and microservices.

Alarm export
Reduce Risk
Detect and react to anomalies before they harm your business. Fraud, cybersecurity, surveillance & compliance, manufacturing defects, etc.
Revenue export
Increase Revenue
Improve customer experience, gather insights and find new opportunities in advertising, online retail, portfolio optimization, gaming, content provisioning, etc.
Cloudscale export
Operate at Scale
Scale easily with exploding volumes and operate at very low-cost. SaaS, PaaS, IoT, transaction processing, etc.

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Wallaroo makes the infrastructure virtually disappear so you get rapid deployment, very low operating cost, and elastic capacity with zero downtime for your applications in big data, stream processing, machine learning, and microservices.

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