We make the complex, simple. Period.

Wallaroo is a modern framework for streaming data applications and algorithms that react to real-time events.

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Build. Deploy. Scale.

Write your business logic in Python or Go, deploy rapidly, and scale automatically with no code changes. Wallaroo supports complicated workflows, resilient in-memory state, high-performance, and can run on any cloud, on-premise, or at the edge.

Sentiment Analysis

Build a data pipeline to ingest social media feeds, apply NLP and sentiment algorithms using stateful data computations at scale. Expand capacity dynamically on data spikes.

Edge Processing

Run algorithms on servers located close to the sources of data. Detect and forward relevant signals, avoiding the need to transmit huge data loads to the cloud for centralized processing.

Conversational Bot

Human, bot communication requires complicated workflows where the state of interactions is reliably maintained for the duration of the conversation.

Industrial-Grade by default

Wallaroo was built from the ground up with resiliency and performance in mind. Don’t write your application first and fix it later -- just write it and let Wallaroo handle the rest.

Extreme speed export


We designed Wallaroo so algorithms can run as fast as possible out of the box - as low as a millisecond in Python and microseconds in Go - and no JVM is needed.

Anyscale export

Dynamic Scaling

Spiky workloads, cost-saving scale-downs, automated configuration, and more -- Wallaroo handles it all.

Exactly once export


Wallaroo writes all state changes to an event-log that is used to reconstruct your state after a crash. Avoid lost or duplicated messages with our exactly-once message processing features.

Your tooling, our expertise

We’ve spent our careers building distributed streaming data applications for financial institutions, e-commerce companies, adtech, and more. Now you can leverage our expertise, without having to sacrifice your preferred tooling.

Api export

Languages & Tools

Build applications in the de facto languages for data processing, like Go and Python, and bring your favorite dependencies, like NumPy and TensorFlow.

State mgmt export


Correct distributed data processing without the hassle -- we’ve built streaming data processes for years and baked all of our wisdom into Wallaroo.

Actor engine export


Open code is code you can trust. We’re committed to building Wallaroo out in the open, with the help of our fantastic community of contributors.

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Deploy rapidly, scale automatically, run anywhere.

About Us

Wallaroo makes the infrastructure virtually disappear so you get rapid deployment, very low operating cost, and elastic capacity with zero downtime for your applications in big data, stream processing, machine learning, and microservices.

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